Commercial Window Cleaning Tips You Were Never Told Before

window cleaning

Most people think that window cleaning is a simple task. All you have to do is spray some cleaner on the glass and wipe it off, right? Wrong! There is so much more than that to know about window cleaning and the different cleaners that can be used. Here are some tips to make window cleaning much easier and more effective.

1. Get the Right Equipment

Believe it or not, the wrong equipment can make your job much harder. This is not the time to use the same rag and bottle of cleaner that you use for your kitchen counters. Make sure you get a squeegee, bucket, plastic scraper, lint-free rags or mop, and the correct cleaner. Some people will use paper towels, but they can leave behind extra lint. Paper towel is also more expensive than a rag and won’t absorb as much liquid as a microfiber cloth will. Using the proper chemicals is also very important.

2. Prepare Your Windows Properly

Begin by drawing or taking down all of your shades and blinds. This should be followed by dusting to remove cobwebs and loose dirt. Then you should remove any stickers, bird droppings, or other signs that something might have been stuck to your windows. This helps make the cleaning process easier.

3. Avoid Using Abrasive Materials

Abrasive materials, such as steel wool or hard brushes, can scratch the windows. This damages the window and can actually leave permanent marks on them. If you are working on windows that have screens, do not use a squeegee or scraper. This can scratch the screens and damage them beyond repair.

4. Do Not Pressure Wash Windows

Some people think they can use a pressure washer to clean their windows. This is not true and will actually damage the windows if you try it. Power washers are simply too powerful and can damage the rubber window gasket seal and the window itself.

5. Hire an Experienced Window Cleaning Company

If you do not feel comfortable cleaning your windows, then it is time to hire a window cleaning company. There are plenty of reputable companies that will offer their services at an affordable rate. They have all the necessary equipment and cleaners to ensure that your windows are cleaned properly and safely.

Window cleaning is an important task that should be done regularly. If you do not feel comfortable cleaning your windows, then hire a reputable window cleaning company to do the work for you. Call us today for an estimate on our window cleaning services!

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